Using the Planner

All cells with a light colour are working days for the resource.  The shaded cells represent non-working days, hover over any of these cells to display the description of these events.  Please refer to the Resources section for information on maintaining working and non-working days.  Adding a Resource Holiday can be achieved by right clicking within the planner area for that resource.  The red cells represent milestones for one of the plans included in the Planner, again hover text describes the event.   

Hover over any planned item to display a description of the item, including its status and any status information.

The toolbar at the top enables the view to be changed in order to extend or reduce the date range shown.  The toolbar at the bottom moves the displayed date range to an earlier or later range.  The toolbar at the bottom right enables resources to be scrolled or removed from/added to the display.  If more items exist for a resource than can be displayed, click the blue down arrows that will appear to view the resource information in full screen mode.  If more items exist either in the future or the past for a resource but are not visible within the timeframe shown, the right and left arrows will become enabled.

The following actions can be performed, as long as the user has the relevant entity permissions:

Drag left or right to lengthen or shorten an item.

Drag an item from one resource to another to re-allocate it.  An item can also be dragged to or from the Unassigned category.

Change other item properties by double clicking an item or right clicking and selecting the Edit option.