Drill Down Data

There are two methods by which you can drill down on chart data. Clicking on a chart segment opens a third panel containing the drill down data. For example, click the top left cell above to list out the two issues reported by Tim Bower. The format that these issues will be displayed in is controlled from the left hand panel in Qualify. Right click the desired default view for the entity and select the ‘Select for Drill Down’ option. If nothing is specified, the default grid view for the entity is used instead. The drill down panel can also be docked within the chart control as shown below.

Every time the chart is clicked the drill down data grid gets refreshed. Every time the chart is refreshed the drill down data grid gets cleared. The data grid has all actions disabled (add, edit, etc…) but the preview panel gets updated when a row is selected.

Alternatively, right click a segment within a standard chart to drilldown graphically by another property as shown below, many levels of drilldown can be achieved using this method. The crumbar at the top of the chart can then be used to return to a previous level by clicking either on the description, for example ‘by Status and Priority’, or by clicking on the Back button represented by the blue arrow.

Please note that if a chart contains a transitional filter, drill down is not currently permitted. Drill down is also unavailable for 3D charts and charts built over external data.