The Playlist area is where the list of executable actions is configured.  Clicking on an action in the Playlist will display the properties of the action in the panel to the right.  If the action is a Script, the expandable Script Viewer panel to the far right is also populated.  The options available within the Playlist area can be accessed from the right click menu or from the Actions toolbar.  Newly added actions will be indented beneath the existing Playlist item that was in focus at the time.  Actions should be indented below other actions that they belong to.  For example, several Scripts can be played in sequence one after the other and will exist at the same level within the Playlist.  However it would also be possible to play one Script, then evaluate a test condition and play another Script is the test is successful, in this example the Script is indented beneath the test condition.  Each action type is explained further below.

In addition to using the right click ‘Insert’ or the Actions toolbar options, assets can be added to the Playlist area by dragging them in from the expandable Assets panel to the left of the screen.  Actions can also be copied from another open Playlist.  They can be moved up and down the Playlist sequence using drag and drop.  Please note however that not all drop locations are valid for every action, and these rules also apply to the pasting and insertion of actions.  The valid locations for every action are listed in the individual sections below.