Toolbar Options

The following options are only enabled when they can perform a useful function.

Save: Save any changes made to the current entity on any of the tabs. If any fields fail the validation, not only will the individual fields be marked but the tabs in error will also show an exclamation warning.

Save and New: Only available when creating a new entity. Save any changes made to the current entity on any of the tabs, then open a blank form so that a new entity can be created.

Notify on next save: This option appears on the bottom left of the form. It will create an email which lists out all of the entity properties, unless an email template has been created in the Admin area in which case this format will be adhered to. The email editor will be opened and populated with the email addresses for all of the selected resources for the entity. A shortcut to the current item will also be attached to the email, which means that the recipient can double click on this to view the full details of the item. A single click will enable the shortcut item to be viewed in the email in preview mode.

Execute Test: This option is available provided a ‘Test Execution Plugin’ has been specified on the Plugins tab for the entity in Admin. It initiates a manual test of the selected item and depending on the plugin either launches Qualify Sidebar or a manual result window. Optionally Test Items will be created from the child entity specified as being the Executable Entity also on the Plugins tab in Admin. This could be the system defined Steps entity if one exists, however they could also be copied from another tab on the entity being executed or from another entity which has a direct relationship with this one. At the end of the test the results can be saved back to the item being executed.