Save and Document Results

Table of Contents

There are five different methods for saving TestDrive-UAT results, the final four are also available when right clicking the System Information node.

  • Save: Save the audit trail of screens, inputs, notes, markups, spell checks and test steps to a file.
  • Export to Animation: Create an animation of the results which can be used for training purposes. This includes a moving image, with all notes and markups and optional speech.
  • Export to Word: Place all audit trail information into a Word document.

Regardless of which option you choose, the save options that you will be presented with are the same. However please note that some will be greyed out if they are not applicable to the audit trail you have recorded.

  • Save All: Include all screens and input in the TestDrive-UAT ‘Test’ tab in the saved results.
  • Save Selection: This option will enable once you have used Shift/click or Ctrl/click to make a specific selection of events.
  • Save Last Application: If you have recorded a test over more than one application, include screens and input for the last application only.
  • Save Last 5 Screens: Include the last five screens and their input.
  • Save Last 30 Events: Include the last thirty events (screens and input).
  • Save From First Check: The first check could be a note, markup, spell or link check.
  • Save Only Events with Checks: Save only events containing notes, markups, spell or link checks.

Documenting the Results #

Saving of a sub-section or the entire audit trail of results to a Word document or other formats is described in the next section. However there are other methods by which a single screen or information about the application under test or the system as a whole can be produced.

Right click and select the ‘Copy’ option on the System Information node at the very top of the audit trail or on any of the Application headers to add specific information about these to the clipboard.

Right click any of the screen images and select either of the following two options:

  • Copy Original Picture: Add the screen image to the clipboard without any of the mouse paths included.
  • Copy Annotated Picture: Add the screen image to the clipboard with the mouse paths included.