Data by Resource, for all Resource based entities which matches any filter that has been defined on this grid is listed. By default, the filter will be set to only show Open tasks. Data is organized into weekly columns, the left most column defaults to this week but the scrollbar can be used to move left and right.

In each column, two values can be listed. The data in blue represents all time that has been booked against that task (via the Actual Hours property). All data in the past (prior to this week) will be shown in blue. The data in yellow is remaining time required for completion of the task. To perform these calculations, the working days and hours is obtained from the Country to which the System Administrator belongs by default, however this can be overridden for the resource, see the Administration user guide for more information. The percentage value at the bottom of each week for each resource illustrates how much of their available time is allocated.

Any values that appear in red on this display represent an over-allocation and illustrate that unless action is taken, the task(s) will not be completed in time. However over one of the values or a date in order to see more detailed information.