Check Script Return

It is possible that a Script might not always play back successfully right to the end. There may be some expected anomalies that occur depending on the data that is being keyed in or the state of the application at the time of playback for example. The situation may also occur where if certain errors exist on a given screen, playback must stop because there is no further point in continuing. The Check Script Return action can be used to monitor for specific playback states and then action can be taken to attempt to resolve the problem or resume the Playlist from another point by adding further child actions.

Script Result: There are many different results that can be monitored for, including ‘Finished with Errors or worse’ (quality check errors) and ‘Playback Timed Out’. There are two values which encompass several more specific results which you will see indented below them in the list, these are ‘Launch Failed’ and ‘Input Failed’.

The value of ‘Playlist Stopped Playback’ occurs when Unexpected Dialogs have been configured for a Script, see the following section for more information.

Some of the following properties will change depending upon the Script Result selected.

Marked Playlist as: Allows the option to change to Passed, Failed, or Don’t Change.

Reason: Manually set the Reason code that will be stored in the result set.

Run Reference: These results properties can be automatically set here.

Run Description: These results properties can be automatically set here.