Problem Determination

The main sources of information to assist in resolving any operational problems are:

• Screen Messages – It should be noted that certain TestBench messages contain second level text to assist in the understanding of the reported error. To access this additional text, position the cursor on the error message and press the Help key.
• Job Log – In the event that a TestBench facility has failed to perform as expected, or the TestBench error message directs you to do so, please review the relevant Job Log in detail as this will indicate the problem area in most instances.

Problem Reporting
If you experience any problems using TestBench we want to hear from you, so please contact your supplier or The Original Software Group at your earliest convenience.

You will be asked for a copy of the Job Log for the batch or interactive routine in which you experienced difficulties. It is important that this Job Log contains the maximum amount of information available so please ensure that the logging level (LOG) is set as follows:

Level 4
Severity 00

In an interactive job the logging level can be set through the Change Job (CHGJOB) command. You can ensure that a Job Log is produced by specifying the following format of the Sign Off (SIGNOFF) command:


For batch jobs it will be necessary to Change the Job Description (CHGJOBD) that is being used. A printed Job Log should be formatted by default.