The following panel is displayed after selecting the Preferences option from the File menu or clicking the icon on the toolbar.

Dock To: If dual monitors are in use, specify which monitor TestDrive should appear on.

Script Storage: If this option is ticked it will be possible to recover deleted scripts.

Close Sidebar: Once the sidebar is no longer in use, close it down to free up screen real estate.

Manual Picture: Specify a shortcut key that will cause a manual picture to be taken, as an alternative to clicking the icon on the TestDrive toolbar.

Stop Playback: Specify a shortcut key that will cause the Playlist to stop.

Save script results as a background task: If this option is ticked, when manual or automated results are saved, the Result Header and the Playlist Actions will be saved immediately to the database, however screen information and pictures get saved to a temporary folder on the PC disk and are then copied to the database in the background. This means that the result set becomes available much quicker and high level information can be viewed sooner. Any interaction with the detailed results such as trying to view or report on them generates an information message if the save has not finished in the background.

If you are using SQL Server or Oracle as your database and the connection to the server is interrupted before the results have finished saving, the save will simply resume when the connection is restored and the result set should be complete. However on the iSeries this level of control is not currently possible and therefore you should ensure that results are completely saved before you disconnect from the network.

When results are being saved, an icon appears in the system tray and hover text indicates how many sets of results have yet to save.

Cache scripts locally for: If you are working on a slow or remote connection, this option can be used to cache scripts and results to your local disk for the specified number of days. This means that if these assets are re-opened within the specified period of time, and they have not changed within that time, they can be accessed from here rather than the database which could provide a significant performance improvement.