When a program is executed through TestBench, the results of the test run are stored in the TestBench database by reference to the Test Case and a unique run number. Depending on the options taken in the Test Case set up and during the run, some or all of the following information is stored:-

 Messages from the job log, for the duration of program being tested (Messages created by TestBench before and after the run are not stored)
 Local data area values, before and after the run
 Protected data area values, before and after the run
 File writes, updates and deletes on protected files, including before and after images, and those saved in any manually specified journals
 The list of test items chosen to be checked during the Test
 Statuses and comments entered against each Test Item and warning type
 Text notes recorded during or after the Test
 Parameters used to call the program and returned parameter values
 Parameter values intercepted from called programs
 Elapsed job times
 CPU milliseconds for each sub run in a Test
 The job date under which the test was executed
 Warnings generated by TestBench as a result of errors or values not matching the set expectations
 Data Rules applied to Files and Data Areas during the run
 Differences from actual data to expected values defined by Data Rules
 Differences between actual and expected screen images if a script was played
 Messages sent to and received from Data Queues
 MQ Series Messages
 Reports

Unless it is specified when the test run is started, any copies of data which TestBench creates during the run are deleted at the end. If required, files which have been copied at the start of the run so as to protect the original versions, can then be placed in a designated target library, i.e. the updated versions are saved.

Test case results are accessed either via the WrkTstRun command from the Main Menu, by keying option 21 from the Work With Test Cases display, or via the graphical results viewer component of the Asset Explorer (which can be launched directly from an iSeries display session with option 10 for a selected set of results).