Warp Case Execution

Warp Case execution is the process which acts on the data in the files defined in a Warp Case and it can be run interactively or in batch. You will reach this screen by selecting option 1 from the Work With Warp Cases Display or by issuing the Warp_IT command.


It should be noted that these entries only affect the current execution of the Warp Case and are not updated into the Warp Case description.

Run Mode This controls how the Warp Case will be executed, ‘1’ for interactive execution or ‘2’ for batch execution. This value is defaulted from the Warp Case definition and overriding this default can be prevented in System Values.
Function Keys:

F7– Edit Warp Case To access Work With Warp Case Objects for the current Warp Case.

Warp Case Object Check
Any object, field or AFD errors are reported on the pre-check screen. See section in Utilities and System Values for more information.


2 – Change Access the Object Details display where, for example, field errors can be investigated and corrected.

5 – Errors Review details of any reported errors if extra information is available.

8 – Object Locks Use this to help resolve any reported object allocation issues.

Function Keys:

F5– Retry Re-verify all objects in the Warp Case.