View Report

By selecting the View Report option in the Qualify Toolbar, this will generate a report automatically from the current view/layout. The ribbon bar contains extra options to modify the report that contain standard and non-standard functions.

View Layout: View the layout that the report is generated from.

Open: Open a document.

Save: Save the document.

Print: Select a printer, number of copies and other printing options before printing.

Quick Print: Send the document directly to the default printer without make changes

Options: Open the print options dialog, in which you can change printing options.

Parameters: Open the parameters pane, which allows you to enter values for report parameters.

Page Setup: This section allows you to make changes to the Header/Footer, Scale, Margins, Orientation and Size of the report

Navigation: This section allows you to use Find and Bookmarks. For moving between multiple pages, First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, and Last Page are the control options used.

Mouse Pointer: Shows the mouse pointer
Hand Tool: Invoke the hand tool to manually scroll through pages.
Magnifier: Invoke the magnifier tool. Clicking once on a document zooms it so that single becomes entirely visible, while clicking another time zooms it to 100% of the normal size.

Zoom: This section allows the Many Pages option, along with Zoom Out, Zoom, and Zoom In.

Page Color: Choose a color for the background of the document pages.

Watermark: Insert ghosted text or image behind the content of a page. This is often sued to indicate that a document is to be treated specially.

Export To: Export the current document in one of the available formats, and save it to the file on a disk.

E-Mail As: Export the current document in one of the available formats, and attach it to the e-mail.