Insert New

If this option is selected you are effectively putting the Script Editor into record mode so that some new screens and input can be inserted into the existing Script.  The TestDrive Sidebar will be launched if it is not already running and the Application list opened from which the application under test can be selected or launched.   Perform the desired actions and then once recording has finished, the following screen is displayed.  Please see the TestDrive chapter for more information about the recording process.

  • Insert at end of current script Add the newly recorded screens an input to the end of the original Script.
  • Insert before 1st selected element – If a screen or input was selected when the Insert button was clicked, this option will add the newly recorded screens and input before the selection.
  • Copy events to clipboard The newly recorded events can be pasted to the desired location when you are ready.
  • Threads The Script Editor will always attemptto match the newly recorded screens and input with the correct threads in the existing Script.  In more complex applications however, for example where there are multiple browsers in the original and inserted Scripts, it may be necessary to perform manual thread matching which can be done with this grid.