Saving (Opening and Inserting)

When either an individual asset or the entire Playlist is being saved, the following dialog is displayed. All assets which have not yet been saved at all are listed, whether they have been added to the Playlist execution sequence or not. Any assets that have been previously saved will not appear here but if they have changed the previous version will be replaced.

Name: This default name can be replaced with more meaningful text.

Type: A read-only column that can have a value of Playlist, Script or Variable Data.

Qualify Location: The save location for this asset. Click within the field and then click the Browse icon to display the following screen which enables the correct location to be specified. If multiple assets are being saved, this location will be duplicated for them all but can then be overridden at an individual level. If the Playlist has already been saved, that location will be defaulted for any new Scripts but can still be changed.

Save: By default all assets will be saved but this box can be un-checked if an asset should be discarded. For example, several scripts might have been recorded but only the last one has been added to the Playlist and needs to be kept.

When the Browse option is clicked so that a Qualify location can be selected, the following panel is displayed.

If you need to access items from another instance, use the drop down list in the first box in the crumbar. Once you have highlighted the location for the save, click the Save button.