Warp Case Results

The Work With Warp Case Runs display is reached with an option ‘21’ from the Work With Warp Cases screen or by using the WRKWRPRUN command (see the System chapter).

Warnings This column indicates whether or not any warning messages have been generated for the run. Any messages that were displayed on the object pre-check but did not prevent the execution of the Warp Case are logged here. Also, if the Warp Case Run is at an ‘Abnormal’ or ‘Halted’ status this means that an unrecoverable error has occurred and this error will also be logged as a warning message.

Status One of the following Warp Run status codes will be displayed.

Halted The Warp Case could not be executed for one of the following reasons:
• The SSF definition does not match the actual field being scrambled
• The field on the file no longer exists
• A SSF User Exit program no longer exists
• A SSF Master File/Library/Field no longer exists

Abnormal The run is ended and no files are updated for one of the following reasons:

• A file cannot be allocated
• There was an error calling a SSF User Exit
• No more unique values were possible for the SSF
• Error checking existence (the Cannot Exist option was selected for an SSF but there was a problem with the SQL Select)
• Non-unique value for Library/File Field (an SSF user Exit has not generated a unique value after 100 attempts, ie. a value that it has not previously generated)
• New value cannot be created (the Cannot Exist option is specified and after 100 attempts a new unique value has not been generated)
• Integrity not possible, due to the combination of objects and SSF options that have been selected
• Error updating file
• File contains null values

Cancelled Option ‘4’ has been keyed against a Warp Run to cancel it.  This does not necessarily mean that the job running in the system has been cancelled, only that the processing within TestBench was cancelled.   See the notes about using option 4 below.

Queued  The Warp Run is waiting on a job queue.

Running The Warp Run is in progress.

Errors The Warp has executed but one of the following errors occurred:

• Field length mismatch
• Field not found
• Invalid Data, used when warping a date field and the field does not contain a valid date

Complete The Warp Run has finished successfully and none of the above is true.

Clr This indicates whether low level details of the Warp Case run have been cleared with option 7. See the notes below for option 7 – Clear/Delete.


1 – Warnings Display any warning messages that have been generated for this run.

4 – Cancel This option will cancel an active batch job or a queued batch job. Using ‘4’ will end that job and update the status of the run to ‘Cancelld’. If used on an active interactive job it will have no effect and the job will continue. However, if the interactive job has been ended by a command such as ENDJOB *IMMED, the run will still show as active until this option is used to update the status to cancelled.

5 – Details Display details of the Warp Case Run, see the section below for more information.

6 – Report Print details of the run.

7 – Clear/Delete A window is displayed where the user can choose to either delete or clear the runs that have been selected with option ‘7’. The ‘Delete’ option will delete permanently all references to the run. The ‘Clear’ option will delete the detailed information about the objects included in the run, leaving a reduced record that the run took place. An alternative to this option is to Purge Warp Runs using the option from the Main Menu, see the System chapter for more information.

8 – Job This displays the OS/400 job information, either for an active batch job (a submitted Warp Case run), or an active interactive job which started the run. Once the job has terminated, this option is no longer allowed.

9 – Notes Use option 9 to access the Notes Editor and to enter or amend text notes about the run. For more information on using the Notes Editor, refer to the separate Chapter in this document.

Warp Case Run Details
When option ‘5’ is keyed against a Warp Run the following screen is displayed.

2 – Details List the fields on the file that have been changed by the warp run with their relevant warp code. See the screen print below.

5 – Object Info Execute the WRKPF command to show details of the file including the full field list.

F19 – Display Fields Show any SSF definitions that have been used by this Warp Run.

Press F7 on the Warp Run Objects display to obtain the following screen.