Post Playback

After the Playlist has completed, the Post Playback tab can be used to send an email notification based on selected result criteria. The prerequisite for running these actions is that the results are automatically saved first. Once the check box at the top of the post playback actions tab is ticked, all other options become available.

An unlimited number of actions can be entered on the left via the right click menu. Each action can be copied and pasted between playlists or within the same playlist to form the basis of the next action. Each action is comprised of 3 main parts:

Criteria: This is equivalent to an ‘IF’ statement. If any of the criteria are left blank, they are ignored. The Pass/Fail reason supports wildcards. If all entered criteria are met then the action is performed.

Action: This provides a choice of ‘Compare Result, Export Data, Export Variables, Send Email, Save Variables’.

Settings: This is specific to the action defined above. Sending an email requires the details of an SMTP email server and an appropriate account to be entered. The ‘To’ field supports multiple email address separated by a comma. The Subject and Body fields support the variable $RunNumber$ so that the saved number can be included in the email.

There is an additional option to add the variable $PassFail$ and/or $Reference$.