Script Scan/Replace

Enter Option 1 against a script when viewing all scripts for a Test Case to access the script scan and replace facility. This can be used to make the same change in many different places in a script. For example, if User ID appears on several screens within a script, and the person playing back the script will be different from the person that recorded it, the original User ID could be replaced with the new one. This function can also be used to warp a script, by searching for a particular date and replacing it with a future date. To quickly and easily change a script to use variable data, scan for a fixed value and replace with a variable field name. One audit trail record indicating an amendment to the script will be created each time the scan and replace function is successfully executed.


At Start 1 to replace information which appears on the ‘At Start’ screen image.

Keystrokes 1 to replace screen keystrokes.

Variable Data 1 to replace information held in the variable data file for the script.

Field Name If scanning and replacing variable data, this can be limited to one variable data field only.

Find String String with which the script will be scanned or a matching set of characters.

Replace With Substitute any found strings with these characters if the Replace As field is set to ‘1’. Alternatively, enter a variable data field name and change the Replace As prompt to ‘2’ for fields containing the Find String to become variable data fields.

Data Shift Example
Find String: Two
Replace With: Four
Existing Field: OneTwoThree

    Data Shift Allowed - OneFourThree
    Data Shift Not Required - OneFourhree

Replace As If set to ‘1’ the Replace With value is a string of text with which to replace the Find String. Set to ‘2’ to quickly change a fixed field to a variable data field, by keying the variable data field name into the Replace With prompt.

Confirmation A value of ‘1’ will cause a confirmation screen to be displayed showing the screen and field number of each string which will be replaced.