Saving Test Run Results

When using Data Protection TestBench will direct file updates to copies of your test data so that you may execute a test run many times in the knowledge that your starting point will be consistent. The Data Files and Data Areas that have been protected are therefore normally deleted from the temporary run time library at the end of the run. However there will be occasions when you will wish to keep these copies of the Files and Data Areas:

• If you wish to use file comparison (“Comp_IT”) to check the test results either against the files at their initial state or against a set of expected results.
• If you wish to use the results of a test run as input into another Test Case, for example when performing System tests.
• If you wish to perform any additional manual analysis of the test results.

To request that test data is retained, specify a Keep End Data option and Library Name for the Test Case Process. As a result all data files and data areas that were protected will be copied to the designated library.