Edit Script Details

Right click the Script name to display the following screen.

  • Script name – This is for information purposes only and cannot be changed.
  • Description – A more detailed explanation of the Script contents.
  • Attach method – When a script is recorded, one of its properties is whether or not the application under test was launched by TestDrive or was already open and then attached to.  This value can be changed here. 
  • Resync Mode – If you know that your Script is out of date, perhaps because the application under test has changed, Resync mode can be used to execute the Script and update it where necessary.  These options help control when playback will pause to allow user intervention. Checking the Screen Check option will pause playback if the new actual screen contains input controls that the old one did not, thus giving the user the opportunity to manually key the input.  Specifying a Checking Rule means that playback will pause if a rule failure is encountered also enabling user intervention if required.