External Entities

Qualify can interact with other applications and link to the data within them. For example, if you use Qualify as your Incident Management system, you will want to hold the details of the Customer and Contacts who have raised an Incident. You could duplicate this information within Qualify but this information will almost certainly exist within another corporate database. External entities enable you to link directly to the other corporate database and select a Customer and related Contacts and maintain that relationship going forward. This is all set up in the Administration area.

To link to data in an external system, right click the entity to which this item belongs (for example the Incident ID) and select the ‘Link’ option for the external item (for example Customer). The data is returned according to the default view for the entity, click on the desired rows and then press Accept. If this is a multi-select list, multiple selections can be made. Click OK to link the external data into Qualify.