View a Test Environment

The following screen is accessed using option ‘5’ on the Work with Test Environments display.

Environment ID The unique identifier for this Environment.

Title Description of the Test Environment.

Independent ASP If the environment libraries reside on an Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IASP) other than the default of *SYSBAS, the name of the IASP is listed here.

Library List This library list will be used when running a test with this Environment specified. If it is left blank the current library list will be used. (Note, the Test Case library list, if any, is ignored with Environment Protection).

Expand? Option ‘2’ means that no additional files will be journaled, for example during the running of a Test Case or after taking option ‘1 – Scan’ from Work With Test Environments. Option ‘1’ will allow any additional journaling to be set up.

Extended Rollback Support If set to ‘1’ TestBench will intercept and protect the commands RGZPFM, CLRPFM, CPYF, RMVM, DSPOBJD, ADDPFM, DLTF, CPYSPLF and CPYFRMIMPF. This means that if these commands are issued during the execution of a Test Case to remove data from or replace data in a database file, when the environment is rolled back these changes will be reversed and the original file reinstated. This is done by saving the object to a save file called SVnnnnnnnn which is stored in the journal library as specified on the Environment definition. When the rollback command is issued the save file is restored. To reduce the overhead on the rollback command, data volumes in files that will need to be rolled back in this way should be kept to a minimum.

If the option is set to ‘2’ these changes cannot be rolled back and the rollback pre-check will issue a warning message to that effect. If these commands are issued outside of a Test Case the changes cannot be reversed and the same pre-check message will be issued.

Last Used Date The last time that a Test Case was run which uses this Test Environment.

TestBench Journal Number The number of the journal that TestBench has created to be used by this Environment. It will be preceded by the letters ‘JRN’ to form the name of the journal and journal receiver.

TestBench Journal Library The location of the journal that was created by TestBench to be used by this Environment.

Linked Environment During a test, all database changes made within the libraries specified against the Test Case Environment are captured and stored in the results set for the test run. This option enables database effects not only for the Environment specified against the test to be captured, but also any changes made in an additional Environment specified here.

Function Keys:

F7 – Linked Data Displays the following screen from which either Checkpoints or the Environment Libraries can be selected to be viewed.

See the previous sections for more information about Checkpoints, Environment Libraries and Exclusions.