To Do List Details

Click on the option in the Qualify toolbar to access your personal To Do list. Items on this list fall into 2 broad categories:

  • List everything allocated to me. However, for example, if a Defect is at To Do status then it should be on the Developer list, if at Fixed status then the Tester needs to action it, if at Discuss the Project Manager must be made aware. Therefore, the Status tab in entity Administration enables each status value to be mapped to a Resource property.
  • Items that are temporarily in your court, e.g. a Defect was logged by another user, but workflow dictates that you assign the priority.

Source: Either the instance in which the entity resides or the workflow in which it is enrolled.

Entity: The icon and description representing the entity type.

Caption: The item description as determined by the property set as ‘Use in Caption in Admin.

Status: The status column for the entity item as defined by the ‘Use for Planning’ entity flag in the Administration area.

Overdue Status: Certain entity properties within the Administration area can be marked as ‘Use for Planning’.  A minimum of a Resource, Status and Duration property must be selected.  A Milestone and target Date can also be optionally selected and these are used to determine whether or not a task is deemed to be overdue.  The values are as follows and are checked in this sequence:

  • Undefined We do not know the open or closed status as this has not been selected on the task
  • Closed
  • Unknown: We know the status but do not have any date information to determine if the task is overdue
  • Overdue: The target end date is before today
  • Overrunning Item: is open but the duration end date is before today
  • Poorly Planned: Item is open but the target end date is before the duration end date
  • Active: Item is open but not overdue