The following information is important for an understanding of how the items within Qualify work together. An Entity is any item type which has been configured to Qualify, for example Folders, Tasks, Defects and Requirements are all entities. Entities are however split into three distinct types:

  • Top level entities are those which are listed on the Relationships diagram, they are main entities to which other child entities (such as Comments) can belong. They can be created, viewed, searched for and reported on in the main user area. Whether or not an entity is top level is determined by a flag on the entity definition in the Admin area.

  • Child Entities are by default anything which has not been specified as a top level entity. These cannot be created in the main user area, they appear as an additional tab on a top level entity and creation must be done from here. Child entities are split further into two types:

    • User-defined child entities can be created, modified and deleted within the Administration area.

    • System child entities are pre-shipped and cannot be changed or deleted. They can however be selected to appear as a tab on a Top Level entity. Such entities include Steps, Comments and Attachments.