Database Effects

If a Script acts over a database for which Environment Protection has been defined, all database updates made by the server programs in the associated Environment can be tracked and stored using this option. All Scripts for which database effects are required must be indented beneath this action.

Test Case: The TestBench Project and Test Case must be selected as this is where the database results will actually be stored.

Identify: The User ID or Computer Name can be extracted from the values being used when the Playlist is executed, or a value can be entered here and used regardless of who is actually running the test.

Identify by: This option is used to ensure that only the activity performed by this test is saved, and any other activity within the application at that time is ignored. To achieve this either the ID of the User performing the test or the Computer Name can be used.

Playlist / Base Run: If on SQL Server or Oracle it is possible to run a comparison between the database effects created by this run and those of a previous run. To do this, select a Playlist and a Baseline run for the comparison.