File Tab

Click on the File tab to obtain the following options.

Open: Open an existing Instance or plan by selecting the desired plan from the lists.

New: Click the New button to create a new Instance or plan, this can either be a new vanilla instance or a copy of an existing one.

Reporting: Create new reports or modify and run existing ones, see later section for more information.

Management: Launch the Administration areas and perform other management functions which are described fully in a later section.

Recent News: Open a News window which contains RSS Feeds from the Original Software web site and will provide updates on company and product news.

Help: Open the on-line Qualify help text or install the latest version.

Asset Explorer: From Asset Explorer all testing assets can be viewed, modified and executed and new assets created. These assets include Projects, Test Cases, Scripts, Playlists, plus Data Cases, Transform Cases and Compare Cases if the connection is for Oracle or SQL server. The functionality within Asset Explorer is described