Exception Handling

This section covers all of the other actions in a Playlist which are designed to help recover from an error or unexpected event. It is likely that you will need to use more than one of these actions to achieve the desired result. For example, stop the current script, run another script to get the application back to the correct starting point and then leave the variable data loop and start again with the next iteration.

Stop Script: Can be added as a child of an If statement to halt the playback of the parent Script.

Stop Playlist: Halt the playback of the entire Playlist.

Raise Notification: Check this box if you wish to add some text to the notifications collection if the If statement is true. See the later Notifications section for more information.

Terminate Target Application: End the application being tested by the last Script in the Playlist.

Pause Playback: Pauses the playlist for the specified number of hours, minutes and seconds. Alternatively playback will only resume once user confirmation has been received.

Leave Loop: Leave the current loop and move to the next iteration.

Move Next Iteration: Leave the current variable data loop and move to the next iteration.