Notes Editor

Text Notes can be stored for a Project, Test Case, Data Rule, Test Run, Data Case, Warp Case, Comp Case, Script etc. The option to access these Notes is available from all of the relevant ‘Work with’ displays. In addition, Test Run notes can also be amended while using Test_IT by pressing the Attention or Escape key and then F14 from the Test Run Score Sheet.

The Notes can be viewed in the above places, and the Project and Test notes are also printed out as part of the specification produced by Report_IT.

The Notes stay with the level of data to which they are attached and provide a convenient way to document any aspect of the areas listed above. They form an important part of the Test Report document which provides a statement of the status of a Testing Project.

Typical uses for Notes are:-

  • Statement of Project objectives
  • Project definition and background
  • Defining Project Standards
  • Project scope definition
  • How to run a particular Test Case
  • Documenting particular subjects to check for in a Test
  • Capturing details of faults during a test

The Notes editor enables text to be moved, copied, adjusted and formatted with different margins or bullet points to enhance the data as it is displayed or printed. When Report_IT is used to print out the Notes, together with the Project, Test Case and Test run statistics, the output can be directed to word processors such as OS/400 Office or Word for Windows.

The text in Notes is divided up into paragraphs for ease of movement or copying and can consist of any number of paragraphs.

The text can be formatted with left and right margins, left adjust, right adjust, centering, underline, capitals and bullets. The status line at the bottom of the Notes editor reminds the user of the current formatting options. When a new paragraph is created it adopts the same formatting of the previous paragraph in the document.