Windows Authentication

On any connection, you can choose between using Windows Authentication or Username and Password to make your connections to the server. The following section explains exactly what Windows Authentication support exists within the Original Software suite of products.

SQL Server: If using local user accounts, the User Name and Password must be the same on the local PC as on the server. Alternatively, if using a domain, the domain account that you log onto the local PC with needs to be added to the SQL Server. Qualify (which is written in .NET) supports Windows Authentication, TestDrive however will prompt you for the SQL User Name and Password every time you try to connect. However, you can then choose the trusted connection option on the resulting connection dialog which will use windows authentication from that point onwards.

iSeries: There are two System i Navigator options that enable Windows Authentication. The first specifies that the Windows user name and password should be used when logging on to the server, so if this matches the server authentication then any Original Software products should connect automatically. The second option, Kerberos authentication, should also be supported but has not been through the formal verification process.