Playlist Assets

Any asset that has been changed but not yet saved will have an * at the end of its name. The following right-click options are available:

Show Full Path: For Scripts, Playlists, and Variable Data this option displays at the bottom of the Playlist panel the saved location of the asset.

Edit: Open the Script, Playlist, or Variable Data editor. If the asset is modified, the changes will be available within the Playlist but in the case of Scripts and Variable Data, the Playlist or the asset must then be saved for the changes to be stored. This option is not available for TestBench Components which must be edited from Asset Explorer.

Save: Save the individual asset but not the entire Playlist. A save dialog is displayed, see the later section for more information. This option is not available if no changes have been made to the asset since the last time it was saved.

Remove: The asset is removed from the panel and can no longer be used within the Playlist, however, it is not deleted from the database. The ‘Delete’ shortcut key can also be used to perform the same action. This option is not available if the asst is already in use within the Playlist.

Replace: Remove this asset and replace it with another one of the same type. This option is particularly useful if the Save As option has been used to create a copy of a Playlist and the assets within it also need updating.

Copy and Replace: Copies this asset and replaces it with the exact copy – Adding “Copy of” at the beginning of the asset name. The option is only available on a script asset.

Change Version: Available for Script assets only. By default, when Scripts are added into a Playlist the Latest Version of that Script will be used. However all earlier versions of the Script are still available and this option can be used to ensure that the Playlist always runs one of these instead.

Test Playback: If you have just recorded a new Script or you simply wish to check that your Script works in isolation, select this option. If the TestDrive Sidebar is not already open then it is automatically launched, the application under test is also launched if this is specified within the application definition, following that playback will begin. If any issues are encountered at playback time which cause playback to end, then a dialog appears at the bottom left of the TestDrive Sidebar indicating the nature of the issue. This can be used to diagnose and fix the issue. Please note that no results are created.

Test & Resync: If you know that your Script is out of date, perhaps because the application under test has changed, this option can be used to execute the Script and update it where necessary. Please see the Script Editor chapter for a full explanation of this functionality.

Assets can be inserted into the Playlist by dragging and dropping them into the desired location in the main Playlist area, the cursor symbol indicating valid and invalid drop locations.