Spell and Link Checking

To perform an on-demand spell check or link check of the currently focused screen in your application, click on the ‘Green Tick’ or ‘Link’ icon in the toolbar.  This will add a new entry to the TestDrive-UAT audit trail as shown below.

Link checking is a slower process than spell checking so a progress screen is displayed while it occurs, although you can continue to use the product if you wish. Right click the new screen and select the ‘Spell Checking’ or ‘Link Checking’ option to view the results as shown below.

There are two options available when you right click the text of the error:

  • Delete: Remove this error from the results.
  • Add to Dictionary/Exclude URL: Remove this error from the results but additionally add the word or URL to the dictionary or list of excluded URLs so that it is excluded from any future checks.

The dictionary and list of excluded URLs are both accessed from the Preferences dialog, click on the ‘Tools’ icon on the toolbar to open it.

Add or remove items by typing directly into the box.