Any file that is stored on a personal computer or network can be attached to an entity or alternatively uploaded into the Qualify database. This feature is intended to allow users to capture screen shots, collect data and create documents in a file and then append them to an entity.

The following menu options are available on right click. Please note that some options may be greyed out because it is possible in Qualify Admin to configure whether files must be attached, uploaded, or if both are allowed.

Attach File: Create a pointer to an existing file. Navigate to the location of the target file through the use of a browsing window. This functionality is nearly identical to double clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop of a pc. If a password is normally required to access a network drive the user will be prompted to enter one through this facility as well. Multiple files can be selected and attached at one time.

In addition, files can be attached by dragging them into this list directly from Windows Explorer.

Upload File: This will upload the contents of the file into the Qualify database. On the iSeries, the default maximum size of any file that can be uploaded is 1MB. This can however be increased by modifying the underlying files, please speak to your support contact for more information. There are no such restrictions on other database types.

Upload Recording: Allows you to upload a voice recording with the Sound Recorder.

Attach Folder: Specify the name of the Folder to attach to the entity.

Attach URL: Specify the name of the URL to attach to the entity.

Delete: This will delete the link or path to the file or URL from the PC Files window, leaving the actual file unchanged. If the file has been uploaded, the copy will be deleted from the Qualify database. Multiple files can be selected and deleted at one time.

Open: Open the highlighted file or navigate to the URL. The file or URL may also be opened by double clicking anywhere on the file information line. If a file has been relocated or removed a red cross symbol will appear next to the file name.

Save As: This will save the uploaded file to your machine.

Open File Location: Open the folder which contains the attached file.