Open Instance

The right side of the Open page lists the last twenty plans that were opened. To pin a plan to the top of the list so that it is always in view, click the icon to the right of the plan name to turn it blue. Right click any plan in the list to remove it from the Recent Items list or to clear all unpinned items. Other right click options enable the plan to be opened or a shortcut to the specific plan to be created.

The left side of the screen lists each Application Definition with all plans or instances belonging to it underneath. Click on any of the instances in either list to open them. If you do not see your Application in the list, edit the connection and tick the ‘Select’ column next to it, see previous section for more information. Each Application Definition can be assigned its own icon in Admin to better help with differentiation.

On every connection, there is a special Global application. This enables Results to be viewed regardless of which Instance they have been created in. Please note however that functionality in this area is restricted.