More and more companies are recognising the need for effective software testing and realise that to achieve it requires tools such as Original Software’s ‘TestBench’ – a unique, specific, software testing solution
for IBM i on Power Systems. * (Formerly i5/OS and OS/400, System i, iSeries and AS/400)

Without TestBench, developers have to manually verify test results, or use tools that are limited to the playing of scripts and the automatic comparison of screens. A total approach to testing is required, concerning all aspects of the software, from screens to reports, database, program parameters and performance.

Errors in the database are harder to find than screen errors and are more difficult to correct and retest if found, and yet can make business critical systems unusable for days. The TestDrive and Native Record and Playback components provide easy to use script capture, playback and screen compare which is totally integrated with the other testing functions in TestBench.

TestBench tests both batch and interactive programs, focusing on the ‘invisible’ underlying system database as well as the ‘visible’ system aspects. Conceived as a crucial aid to maximising system integrity, reliability and performance, it was designed specifically for the IBM i – to perform rigorous ‘deep & wide’ database testing.

And, with the database in better shape, it also means that the final user acceptance testing phase isn’t going to be hijacked by fundamental code quality issues. So, overall IT service standards are enhanced and user testing stays correctly focused upon ensuring that business needs are satisfied.

TestBench combines wide-ranging functionality with inbred ease-of-use, to encourage consistent, regular and effective use.

Test Planning

Impact analysis of any change on an application, and automatic generation of required testing environment and assistance with Test creation. Plan_IT will show you dependencies and relationships on your systems and tell you which tests should be run to test changes to a given object.

Test Database Creation

Automated data extraction, automatic relationship modeling, conditional extraction logic, data ‘Warping’, multiple test databases, data scrambling, easy database refreshing, etc.

Test Processes

Automatic test database re-setting, ‘Future Date’ & multiple-scenario testing with single command, batch & interactive programs, ‘Data Rules’ based verification & exception highlighting, file comparison, program call interception & value replacement, automatic parameter identification, data queue monitoring etc.

Interactive Screen Capture and Replay

Fast start data input and screen capture to quickly generate interactive scripts. Modern and concise user interface presents expected and actual screens and fields in a clear tree-structure display. There are two techniques for screen capture and replay, each designed to suit different testing needs. TestDrive runs on a PC and provides an easy-to-use GUI interface. Native Record and Playback runs directly on the IBM i and enables, for example, interactive scripts to be replayed in batch. Both components understand the underlying field definition from each screen so that entries can be easily changed, data passed to a script from a file of variables or fields ignored from comparison. Before running a script, TestBench can create the required test environment, launch the program under test and perform all the normal database verification and protection functions at the same time.
Totally integrated testing for IBM i based applications…

Analysis, Reporting & Auditability

Automatic test result and audit report creation & formatting, file comparison, automatic job log analysis, user-defined exception reporting, performance analysis for resource planning & inefficient program identification, tracking & monitoring of test coverage to feed quality metrics, etc.

For many organisations; the Database Extraction & Reduction capability alone could cost-justify the complete product. Along with Job Log Analysis, it provides insight into the technical sophistication that characterises TestBench.

If that’s not enough for you, Original Software promise that the features list will continue to grow through their ongoing product development & support program. Part of their drive to position TestBench as
“the definitive IBM i test engine”.

It adds up to a powerful, wide ranging IBM i testing tool which will guide you to produce results within a half day from start, confirming TestBench as an unusually effective & useable blend of innovative, creative thinking – formed on a foundation of proven IBM i technologies.

TestBench is supported by a number of related, separately licensed, solutions components.

Qualify Enterprise – Our comprehensive Application Quality management solution and portal for PC based interactive testing components. It is a single platform bringing together all IT teams, delivering visibility and efficiency. Qualify Enterprise enables wider processes, cross-team support, PMO, requirements management, resource management and forecasting, and full process customization. It includes main file maintenance and access to results, and custom reporting.

Qualify AQM – For Application Quality Management, test management, UAT management, and business process capture. It is a portal for PC based interactive testing components.

Both editions of Qualify launch the following components.

TestAssist – Streamlining process capture, manual testing and User Acceptance Testing

TestDrive-Assist Legacy solution for manual testing, screen/input capture and reporting,
especially for IBM i

TestDrive – Advanced record and playback for test automation on the PC for 5250, 3270, Web and Windows* applications

* IBM, Power, OS/400, System i5, AS/400, WebSphere, and MQSeries are registered trademarks of
International Business Machines Corporation

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation