Target Element

Click on the first icon to the left of the properties are to list details about the screen element for which the input applies.

  • Identifier – A unique identifier for the element on this screen, made up of the Role plus a unique number.  For example the fifth text box on the screen would have an identifier of ‘Text 5’.
  • Annotation – A plain English description of the property, according to the annotation rules within the option set being used.  For example this could be the caption of a button or the label to the left of a text box.  If this is a cell or row within a table it will be the name of the selected column followed by the column or columns which uniquely identify the row in brackets.
  • Annotation Index – If more than one element has the same annotation, the annotation index is incremented to make each element unique.
  • Role – The type of element, for example a radio button or text box.

Two additional right click options exist which may be used by your support contact if you are not getting the information that you expect.  Some more advanced properties can be listed and all properties can be copied to the clipboard so that they can then be included in an email.