New Chart

A screen similar to the following one is displayed when either creating a new chart or editing an existing one.

Use the toolbar options to further define the details on the chart.

Pivot Column/Row: Select which values should be represented on the axes of the chart.

fx Column/Row: If the property specified for the row or column is a date, these additional properties will become enabled. They allow dates to be grouped together into categories including month of the year and day of the week.

Palette: Select the colour scheme the chart will use by clicking on a set of colours to select them. However, if a selection list being used on the Chart axes has colouring applied in the Admin area, these colours are used instead.

Filter: Refine the data from the selected entity that will be used in the chart. This is the same as the filter used in the grid views.

Please note that data from both extended entities and external entities can be used in the standard chart. However, for extended entities, only the base properties are currently supported.

The Data tab is populated with the counts for each property combination. The data panel can be docked within the chart control so that the table summary is shown side-by-side by dragging and dropping the tab name. Highlighting a cell or range of cells automatically updates the chart with the selected data.