The tab labeled Steps can be used to store more detailed information about the entity, and is often used to specify details relating to the execution of a test. This detail being broken down into the different steps required for the successful task completion. This is an ideal method for reminding staff of all the correct steps required to complete a test and can also act as a checklist. Each step can have multiple columns, these can be used for instructions, data input and expected results. When an entity is executed and a manual test initiated, the steps can be converted to Test Items which can then be passed or failed and stored in the results database for the entity. The Steps tab is similar to creating a user-defined non top level entity, however its format is not fixed.

The Steps columns are all user defined. The column widths can be changed by dragging the column dividers, any changes of this nature are remembered for each entity.

New steps are keyed directly into the last line of the grid, tab out of the entry row to add the new step to the end of the list.

Each step can be one of five different types as listed below.

  • Instruction
  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Check

Change the step type by clicking on the step and selecting the relevant icon from the drop down list. Existing steps can be modified simply by clicking and typing directly into the grid.

Column Options

Sort by any column by clicking on its column title, click more than one to change the sort sequence. Right click anywhere in the column title area to obtain the following options.

Add Column: Insert a new column to the right of the one on which the right click occurred.

Rename Column: Change the name of the selected column.

Delete Column: Remove the column that was right clicked.

Set Default Column: The default column is the one that will be shown in TestDrive when an entity is executed and on any reports where it is not possible to list more than one column. The default column header is shown in bold on the above display.

Clear Sorting: Remove any sorting for this column.

Step Options

Right click anywhere within the Steps grid to obtain the following options.

Insert: Inserts a new selected row.

Delete: Remove the selected row.

Copy: Copy a single selected row.

Paste: Paste the copied row above the selected row.

Move Up/Down: Move the selected rows up and down the list.

Export as CSV: Add the data in the grid to a CSV file.

Expand Rows: Expand all cells so that all data is displayed, by default only a single row of data is visible.

Show History: Shows an history/audit trail of the steps.