Work with Application Groups

An Application Group is used to group together a set of Projects whose authority access for certain Users or groups of Users will be the same. For example, there could be several Projects which contain Test and Data Cases pertaining to the Payroll system. Access to this system and the testing of this system is only allowed for certain Users. If all of the Payroll Projects are linked via the Payroll Application Group, authority can be restricted by specifying authority rules for the Application. Otherwise these rules would have to be defined for each Project separately.

The following screen is accessed using option ‘3’ on the Work with Security menu.


2 – Define Access the Define Application Group Members display where Projects can be added and removed from the Application (see below for more information).

4 – Delete Remove the Application Group. If this Group is in use (has been defined on the Maintain Authorities screen for at least one User) an error message is displayed and the Application Group cannot be deleted. Option ‘6’ can be used to determine which Users are referencing this Application Group and these references must be removed before the Group can be deleted. A confirmation screen is displayed before the deletion process begins.

6 – View Users Display a list of Users that are currently referencing this Application Group at least once on the Maintain User Authorities screen.

7 – Description Change the description of the Application Group.

8 – Audit Every addition, update and deletion to an Application Group is tracked and can be viewed here.

9 – Notes This option allows you to record notes for the Application Group as a means of documentation.

Function Keys:

F6 – Add Create a new Application Group (see following screens for more information).

The following screen is accessed from the Work with Application Groups display, either when F6 is pressed to add a new Group or when option ‘7’ is keyed to change the description of an existing Application Group.

Application Group A user defined name for the Projects that will be included in the Group and can as a result be treated as a whole when authorities are being defined for a User or group of Users. This field can only be keyed when this screen has been reached using F6 to add a new Application Group.

Description Text to describe the group of Projects.

To specify the Projects that will be included in the Application Group, key an option ‘2’ next to the Group on the Work with Application Groups display. The following screen is displayed. All of the Projects that are already part of the Application Group will be listed on this screen.


4 – Delete Remove the Project from the Application Group.

Function Keys:

F6 – Add Add a Project to the Application Group by using option ‘1’ to select from a list.