Concatenation Field Entries

New field Assign a new field name to the field being constructed. This must be unique and obey normal field naming conventions.

Description This must be entered and will appear on other screens showing the file description when an AFD is active. Hence it will help identify the nature and content of the field.

Operation The field names for each field to be combined in the order that they make up the new field. F4 can be used to select fields from existing fields in the file description, including sub-string field definitions already created. Multiple fields can be selected by specifying the order in which they are used. If more than five fields are to be concatenated, additional entries can be specified on subsequent lines by keying additional source field names. A new concatenated field cannot be constructed from a mixture of packed and alpha data.

Function Keys:

F8 Toggle between working with concatenation field definitions and sub-string field definitions.

F14 Sample data. This only works for the fields in the iSeries file description and cannot be used on new fields which are being created from concatenations or sub-strings. Place the cursor in the field to be sampled and press F14 to view the field contents for the first 80 data records in the file.