Tracked Fields

Tracked Fields are placeholders that can be used for the duration of the Playlist to store data that can then be used later on in the execution. They are defined in the Tracked Fields tab at the top of the main Playlist area.

New Tracked Fields can be keyed directly into the grid.

Name: The name of the Tracked Field.

Type: Select from Text, Numeric, Date, Boolean or Dynamic. This represents how the data within the column will be treated at playback time. Dynamic means that the most appropriate type for the data will attempt to be selected.

Initial: The value of the Tracked Field before it has been updated during the Playlist. If no initial value is entered, the field will default to something sensible depending on type.

*Note – Tracked Field names need to have an underline or no spaces to be used in conjunction with PowerShell. If it does not contain one of the mentioned following, you will receive the message below.