Product Maximums


  1. Where ‘no limit’ is given this indicates that the relevant code is a 10 long alphanumeric field. This gives at least 10 to the power of 37 combinations.
  2. For each item within an element the maximum is stated per element.

Projects Number of No limit
Test Cases Number of No limit
Processes 999
Interceptions No limit
Test Items 999
Job Date combinations 999
Test Runs 99,999
Test Sub Runs 99,999
Protected Files per Run 1,000
Protected Data Areas 500
per Run
Data Rules Number of No limit
Files No limit
Rules per file 100 (RANGE & NRANGE will lower this limit).
Data Cases Number of No limit
Objects in a 99,999
Based On levels 99,999
Rules in selection 100 (RANGE &NRANGE will lower this limit).
Fields on file 2,000
Fields on file – sampling 800
Link fields 100
Duplicate field names 50
Warp Cases Number of No limit
Files 99,999
Scrambled Fields per file 999
Date Fields per file 999
Maximum Aging Screen field sizes, except for dates with YY where max year is 2039 (ie. 39)
Comp Cases Number of No limit
File pairs 99,999
Fields 1,000
Field Comparisons No limit
Selection Rules 100
File record length 9,999
Field length 2,048
Error lines on screen 3500
Action Maps Number of No Limit
Entries 99,999
Test environments Number of No limit
Checkpoints 999
Journals No limit
Receivers/journal No limit
Parameters Number of 50
Number of sub-sections 99,999
Length of individual 1,024
Length of data structure 32,000
Commands Length 8,192 (auto), 1024
Notes Number of No limit
Paragraphs 999,999,999
Paragraph Size 1,000 characters
AFD AFDs per file 1,000