Management Area

Reach this area from the File tab.

Administration: Each Application Definition is listed to the right of the screen. These buttons launch the full Administration area for that application, which controls all of the setup that is used throughout the Qualify suite. If you need to access Global Permissions, Plugin Configurations or Global Entities and Picklists, launch the Global application. Refer to the Administration help file for more information.

Administration View & Resources: View all Administration data, create new Application Definitions and manage the list of Qualify users and also their working days and holidays. Refer to the Administration help file for more information.

Dictionaries: Two spell checking dictionaries are shipped by default for use by Qualify and TestDrive, English (United Kingdom) and English (United States). Other language dictionaries however can be downloaded from the OpenOffice web site and installed using this option. The language to be used for spell checking is selected in the top right of the main Qualify panel.

Purge Deleted Data: This option currently applies to Results only. When Results are deleted from Qualify, the records actually still remain in the database, they are simply marked as ‘deleted’. The Purge utility will permanently remove all records marked as deleted to free up disk space, see later section for more information.

Licenses: Enter license codes for all Original Software products. If a valid license code does not exist, some of the other options on this screen will be unavailable. See the Product Registration section for information about the Manage Licenses function.

License Usage: Display license consumption for all products for the last 30 days in graphical form. An Export option creates a specific type of file (.lud) which can be decoded with a program available on request.

Change Password: Changes the password of the current user.

Default Preferences: Applies the current users preferences as the default preferences for new users.