Activate / Rollback Checkpoint

Test Environments consist of a list of libraries, databases or schema which in turn contain the data files or tables over which testing will be done. At any time a Checkpoint can be defined for a Test Environment and at any future point in time the User can rollback changes to files and tables up to the specified Checkpoint. This enables the same test to be repeated without it being necessary to re-create the initial test database.

The Activate Checkpoint action causes a virtual snapshot of the database to be taken at the moment in time that the activation occurs. The Rollback Checkpoint action will re-set the data.

The Activate and Rollback Checkpoint actions both have the following properties.

Checkpoint: Select the Environment and Checkpoint ID from a list of available items by clicking on the drop down arrow.

Exit Playlist if Checkpoint not Activated / Rolled Back: If the activation or rollback fails for any reason, the database will either not be protected because it will not be possible to rollback to this checkpoint at a future point in time, or the test may be invalid because the data is not in the correct state. As a result the user may choose not to run the rest of the Playlist by checking this option.