When a Playlist is executed, firstly all Playlist actions are checked for validity and any errors or warnings (see previous section for all validation failures) are reported. Once these are resolved playback begins. If the Playlist contains a Script action and the TestDrive Sidebar is not already open then it is automatically launched, the application under test is also launched if this is specified within the application definition, following that playback will begin immediately. Messages in the taskbar at the bottom left of the Playlist indicate which action is currently being played.

If any issues are encountered at playback time which cause playback to end then a dialog appears at the bottom left of the TestDrive Sidebar indicating the nature of the issue. This will also be reported in the results.

When playback ends, the results for the Playlist execution are automatically displayed in a separate window from where they can be saved, provided the Playlist has also been saved. Once this window is closed all session results are still available within the Results tab on the Playlist display.

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