Test Run Execution

This section defines at an overview level what happens during the course of a Test Run and how user code can be integrated to affect the processing. The information defining how a Run is to be carried out is stored in a Test Case.

Processing Steps
Major Process Minor Process
‘BEFORE ENVIRONMENT’ user exit command
Create Environment Set as Request Handler
Allocate Unique Run ID
Set Status to Running
Create Test_IT Data Area
Set Attention Program
Store current job values
Create Temp Library and place at top of list
Create Interceptions
Create send and receive data queue programs
Set Command Interception
‘BEFORE ALL’ user exit commands
Prepare Program Test Set Job Date
Process by Command or program & parameters
Store Parameter Values
Delete existing run-time DB files if required
Clean up memory if required
Create run-time DB files, data areas and *LDA
Create Sub-Run Control record
Create Program Information record
‘BEFORE EACH’ user exit commands
Store Data Area values.
Set Parameter Values
Retrieve Performance Statistics
Execute Program Test Call Program or Execute Command
Play Interactive Script if required
Handle errors on processing
Log data queue messages
Analyse Program Test Extract Job Log Messages
Update Sub-run Status
Update Program Information record
Analyse Parameter Effects
Analyse Data Area Effects
Analyse DB Effects
Analyse Screen Effects
Copy run-time DB files to target if required
‘AFTER EACH’ user exit commands
Close Down ‘AFTER’ ALL’ user exit commands
Set Run Status to Complete/Abnormal/Warnings
Attempt to execute ROLLBACK, RCLRSC *CALLER and ENDCMTCTL (if started during test)
Clear run-time library
Reset Job current job values.
‘AFTER ENVIRONMENT’ user exit commands