Action Map Maintenance

Use this facility to add or amend the core details associated with an Action Map. You will reach this screen if you choose to add a new Action Map or to maintain the description of an existing one. Both of these options are available from Work With Action Maps.


Action Map Code In Add mode you should key an identifier for the Action Map that must be unique within the current Project. This field cannot be altered in Change mode.

Description Key appropriate text to describe the current Action Map.

Run Mode This controls how the Action Map will be executed, ‘1’ for interactive execution or ‘2’ for batch execution, and can be overridden when you select to run the Action Map.

Action on Error If a command fails or a Test Run generates warning messages above the severity specified by the user for the Test Case, option ‘1’ means that any following Action Map Entries will be executed whereas option ‘2’ will halt the Action Map and no further Entries will be run.

Integration Mode There are three options to select from, ‘Map Integration’, ‘Map No Integration’ and ‘Use Script Settings’.
NOTE: The integration mode options are only applicable if you are using Test Cases and/or native scripts.

  • Map Integration The Test Case which is specified on this panel will be executed when the Map is launched, therefore the application under test will be ready when the first script is executed. Any additional scripts will be run without launching their own Test Case, hence it is important that only the final script exits from the application under test and causes the close down process to execute. The Play Final Screen option can be used to control this. All results for all scripts will be stored against a single Test Run but will be given their own Sub Run number.
  • Map No Integration All scripts will be executed in a non-integrated fashion, meaning that no Test Case will be launched on the iSeries. However, a Test Case must still be specified on this panel as this is where all results will be stored. All results for all scripts will be stored against a single Test Run but will be given their own Sub Run number.
  • Use Script Settings The Action Map will look at the individual scripts to determine the settings to be used in playback. If the Script is integrated its associated Test Case will be launched, similarly scripts which do not activate Test_IT will play back non-integrated. However, the default value for ‘Play-Final Screen’ is ‘Yes’ for all scripts and so this may need to be altered. All script results will be stored individually against their own Test Run.

Integration Case A valid Test Case within the current Project must be entered here if using either Map or Map No Integration. For Map Integration it is the Test Case that will be executed when the first script is encountered, for Map No Integration it is the Test Case against which all script results will be stored.
Press F4 to select from a list of all Test Cases in the Project.

Job Name Specify a Job Name for the Action Case when it is run in batch.

Job Description Specify that the Action Case use a specific Job Description when it is run in batch. If this is left blank the Job Description of the User Profile will be used.

Function Keys:

F4 – Prompt Key F4 when the cursor is in the Integration Case field to display a list of all Test Cases in the current Project. A Test Case can be selected with an option ‘1’.

F7 – Libl Optionally specify a library list that will be used for any un-qualified commands or TestBench functions such as Test Cases that do not have a library list specified. If no library list is specified the current library list will be used.