Maintain Script Variable Data

This screen is accessed by entering Option 8 against a script when looking at all scripts for a Test Case. It is used to enter values for variable data fields. Each transaction represents one execution of the script. The Keystrokes column is a concatenation of the variable data values for that execution of the script.

NOTE: Only local variable data sets (those associated with this specific Script) can be keyed in here. Public variable data sets must be entered in TestDrive, but Scripts containing them will play back correctly in Native.


2 – Change Modify variable data for this transaction (see below).

3 – Copy This option will create a duplicate of the selected transaction using the next available transaction number.

4 – Delete Remove the selected transaction.

Function Keys

F6 – Add Transaction Display a screen for the next available transaction number with empty data fields (see below).

The following screen is displayed for both Option 2 (change) and F6 (add).

A list of all variable data fields in the script is shown. A field will appear on this screen as many times as it has been defined in the script. However, the data can only be amended for it’s first occurrence.

Function Keys

F3 – Exit Return to view scripts for the Test Case.

F4 – Unreferenced Fields View fields which have been removed from the script, and optionally delete them.

F8 – Previous Transaction Update previous transaction.

F9 – Next Transaction Update next transaction.

F12 – Cancel Return to view transactions for the script.