Object Checker

Every time a Data, Warp, Comp or Integrity Case is executed, the Object Checker screen displays a list of all objects in the case and details of any errors which exist. For Data cases the checks are done for both the original and target libraries. Some of these errors are as follows:-

• Object not found
• Member not found
• Not authorised
• Cannot allocate
• Field error(s)
• Length mismatch
• Type mismatch
• DPs mismatch

For Comp Cases only:-
• File has no keys
• Key sequence mismatch
• Key structure mismatch

For Data Cases only:-
• File with greater than 2000 fields may not be processed – this is due to an iSeries field size limitation. If F9 is pressed to continue with the execution and the size limit is exceeded, the Data Case will halt and a message will be placed in the job log. It is also possible that if field names are greater than 6 characters this limit will be reached for files with fewer than 2000 fields.
• Format Level ID mismatch

For Archive or Alter Data Cases only:-
• Sampling not valid

For Alter Data Cases only:-
• Updating Key fields

All field level errors apply to AFD fields as well as actual fields on the file.