Add a Queue Manager

The following screen is displayed when option ‘7’ is keyed to define an existing Queue Manager or F6 is pressed to add a new one on the Work with Queue Managers display.

Queue Manager This field can be prompted using F4 and must contain the name of a Queue Manager that has already been defined on the iSeries (these can be viewed using the WRKMQM command).

Standalone Tracking A message will be logged every time one of the five trackable MQ messages is sent to the Queue Manager. This will only occur once the Queue Manager has been activated on the Work with Queue Managers screen and Queue Manager has been re-started outside of TestBench. These messages can then be displayed using option ‘5’ from the Work with Queue Managers screen.

F4 – Prompt A Queue Manager can be selected from a list of Queue Managers that have not yet been defined to TestBench. The valid Queue Managers are held in the IFS file /QIBM/UserData/mqm/mqs.ini. If the user does not have read authority to this file a message will be displayed