Repositioning Grids

By default, new grids will appear to the right of or beneath the previous one. They can however be moved to a new location by clicking and dragging the title bar of the grid. When this is done, indicator controls appear to help you select the new location for the grid.

Drop the grid over one of the outer controls to position it relative to the outer window. Alternatively drag the grid over another grid to obtain a second set of controls as shown on the folder list above. Then move over one of these four indicators to drop the grid relative to this control, ie. to the top, bottom, left or right of the Folders list. The blue highlighted area always indicates where the grid will be positioned should the mouse be released at this point in time. Finally, if a grid is dropped when it is not hovering over one of the indicators, it becomes a floating window independent of the main user area.

To group more than one grid together so that each one can only be displayed by clicking on a tab, release the mouse over the centre square between the four closely grouped indicators.

Click and drag the grid borders to control how much space each grid occupies relative to the others in the layout.