Spell Checking

It is possible to perform automatic spell checking on all text fields within the Qualify product. Select from a list of available spell checking languages in the top right corner of the main Qualify window or choose to switch spell checking off. Additional language dictionaries can be installed if required. The spell checker component uses dictionaries defined by the OpenOffice project, and can support any of the languages they support. New dictionaries need to be saved on a network share where all clients can access the file. Then access Dictionaries via the Management area and add in the new files.

When spell checking is activated, misspelt words will be underlined and a right click menu provides several options, including:

Select Alternative: Select from a list of alternative words by clicking on one of them.

Ignore All: All instances of the word will no longer be reported as being in error, however the word will not be added to the dictionary so it will still be reported as mi-spelt in the future.

Add to Dictionary: Add this word to the dictionary which means that it will no longer be reported as mis-spelt in the future. This dictionary applies to the current user only.

Check Spelling: At any time right click selected text and choose this option to run a spelling check.